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Julie Collins

Property Management Supervisor

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As our Licensed Property Management Supervisor Julie has been a valuable member of our team for well over 10 years now, she came to us with extensive real estate experience in both sales and property management and our clients are benefiting from her great customer service and 'can do' attitude.

Julie is well respected by her peers and all our clientele and was awarded the highly contested Property Management Employee of the year throughout the Elders Network in 2011 and Runner up Property Manager Of the Year again in 2015. In 2016 Julie was once again awarded Property Management Employee of the year throughout the Elders Network in NSW as well as Number 1 National – a huge accomplishment and a testament to her ongoing achievements.
Julie is extremely focused on teamwork so is equally proud that we have been awarded the Property Management Team of The Year six times out of the last 8 years.

Julie’s easy going nature, yet strong customer focus see’s many clients become more ‘like friends’ who appreciate her detail to work and wealth of knowledge. Julie gets many repeat clients including tenants who appreciate the way they have been treated and bring her new business when they take their step onto the 'property ladder'.

Julie understands that owning an investment property is one of the biggest investments that a person can make and they rely on Real Estate professionals to 'guard their investments', she prides herself on making the process stress free and productive for all her clients.

Julie goes above and beyond her duties when it comes to managing your Investment property which is why she and our team are recognised throughout the local area as the go-to Property Management business.

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62 Eggleton Street, Blacktown

We have worked with your agency now for nearly 20 years!
Without doubt the hallmark of your service is delivering on what you promise.


Just a letter to extend our appreciation to you and the entire team for the excellence you deliver to the profession of Property Management.


We have worked with your agency now for nearly 20 years and despite the ever changing demands of your industry, you have provided a diligent, enthusiastic, reliable and professional approach to all that you do on our behalf as landlords.


Without doubt the hallmark of your service is delivering on what you promise and ensuring reliable feedback on all issues affecting our property investment.


We have been personally involved in property investment as well as property development now for over 25 years with assets in numerous states around the country. Naturally this requires the services of a number of property management groups in order to efficiently manage our ever growing property portfolio.


In our experience Elders Property Management Team are an absolute standout when it comes to knowledge and delivery of service. No issue is ever a problem and we have been very impressed with not only the commitment but also the attention to detail shown by each team member in their approach to all that they do in managing our property. This could only be described as a ‘very well-oiled machine’.


Congratulations not only to your team but also to the Principal of your agency who clearly understands the demands of balancing both sales and property management through the one agency. This is no easy task and one few organisations manage to balance as efficiently as does the Elders group.


And finally a personal thank you to you Julie for your knowledge, commitment and follow-up on all issues. You are a very rare individual in the property arena.


Again thank you, one and all, for such a positive and enduring experience over the past 20 years.


Written by: Doug and Sally Eldridge
Julie Collins - Property Management Supervisor
Date published: 11/25/2017
5 / 5 stars

Doug and Sally Eldridge

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34 Lennox Street Old Toongabbie

As this property had formerly been my family home, it was an emotional undertaking.
I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had such a positive real estate experience.


I approached Elders Toongabbie in 2012, as I had heard positive reports about them in the local area. Elders Toongabbie eventually managed my rental property in Old Toongabbie for the next four years.


I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had such a positive real estate experience. From the outset, I found Julie Collins and her team to be professional, courteous, efficient and helpful. Nothing was ever too much trouble and I never felt that I could not ask for advice or assistance. As this property had formerly been my family home, it was an emotional undertaking. Julie’s sincerity and concern whilst still being thorough and professional made the process much easier.


I was guided seamlessly through the leasing phase of my property and always felt that the Elders team had only my best interests at heart. In saying this, however, I believe that the added bonus of this team and Julie in particular, is their ability to treat the landlord and the tenant with equal courtesy, professionalism, care and concern. My eventual tenants were wonderful and remained for the full four years that I had the property for lease. Their needs and mine were all attended to with equal promptness and attentiveness. Another of the many strengths of the Elders Toongabbie team is communication. Julie is insistent that emails or phone calls were always answered straight away and I was kept up-to-date with all matters.


All administrative aspects of Julie’s team were carried out flawlessly in my experience: the paying of rent and bills and the provision of invoices and end-of-year statements, ensured that my financial records remained transparent. I cannot praise Julie Collins and her team highly enough. I admire Julie as a professional and as a person. I feel that Julie has become a family friend; such was her commitment to her role. I have no hesitation in recommending the Elders Toongabbie Property Management team to any prospective landlord.


Written by: Lynne Dwyer
Julie Collins - Property Management Supervisor
Date published: 10/15/2015
5 / 5 stars

Lynne Dwyer

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3/94 Metella Rd Toongabbie

Thank you to Elders Toongabbie, (especially Nick and Julie)
Their customer service is second to none!


Thank you and your whole team at Elders Toongabbie again for your professionalism in managing my property affairs. For the benefit of those who may read this, I have had an association now with Elders Toongabbie for the best part of 15 years. I would just want to say the following to prospective owners, buyers, sellers or renters, and by way of thank you to Elders Toongabbie, (especially Nick and Julie).


There is, in my opinion, an unmatched professionalism at Elders Toongabbie, that goes beyond what is usual in the world of Real Estate management. Their customer service is second to none irrespective of whether you are looking to buy a property, have your property managed, sell your property, or rent. They are carers if you are a renter and professional if you are an owner, buyer or seller, the complete package.


Having owned a property that Elders Toongabbie managed on my behalf, you will not get better management of your property anywhere. They select your tenants carefully and ensure that there is proper care of your property throughout the lease period. If you are a seller, then they have your best interests at heart, and handle the process at the highest professional level. If you are a buyer, you will find Elders Toongabbie courteous and honest. If you are a renter you can be assured that Elders Toongabbie will ensure your rights are respected.


I have has an association with Elders Toongabbie in all the above categories (except being a renter) and all I can say to you is that you need look no further for competent, professional, and caring management of your affairs.


Congratulations Elders. Well done to the whole team.


Written by: Neville Eldridge
Real Estate Agents Nick and Julie
5 / 5 stars

Neville Eldridge

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10a Barangaroo, Rd Toongabbie

Julie's professional management and service
It was in this situation that I came to respect Julie’s professional judgment!
I am writing to highly recommend the Property Management services I have received from your Senior Property Manager, Ms. Julie Collins .


Julie assumed the role of Property Manager for my newly constructed Beechwood Home in late July, 2012. July was extremely proactive in organising suitable tenants to commence their tenancy on 8th August; however, the building company concerned created considerable problems that made it impossible for the tenants to move into the property as arranged.


It was in this situation that I came to respect Julie’s professional judgment in regard to the manner in which she liaised with the tenants on the one hand and my frustrated initiatives to get the builder to rectify the problem they had created.


I especially appreciated Julie’s professionalism when the prospective tenants decided not to follow-up with their original tenancy arrangement due to the protracted building delays.


At this stage I was personally confronted with massive mortgage expenses and no tenants. Julie was equally reassuring and undaunted and immediately organised suitable tenants to take up residence, with the same excellent rental return, as soon as I was able to secure my” Certificate of Occupancy” from Council. Julie’s proactive and understanding response to my situation saved me from considerable financial repercussions from my credit provider.


Julie’s proactive approach to her management responsibilities has continued since the tenants move into property; for example, a late rental payment situation was addressed immediately, with the late payment brought up to date within a week of the due date.


Julie oragnised a rigorous property inspection on 12th January 2013 in which all aspects of the property were scrutinised and issues such as the number o f people residing on the property at this date being raised with the tenants to ensure that only the prescribed number of tenants identified on the rental arrangement were in residence.


In addition, Julie has further advised me in regard to recommendations for a range of agency approved trades people, whose services have proved to be outstanding. I found this service from Julie to be invaluable.


Julie professional management and service ethic will ensure that I will be remaining a client of your office for an indefinite period.


I would be most happy to discuss all of my above mentioned observations with your office at any time convenient to you.


Yours sincerely,
Written by: Geoff Hagin
Property Management services
5 / 5 stars

Geoff Hagin

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20 cooper St Blacktown

Julie has always displayed the utmost professionalism
My husband and I recently purchased an investment property in Blacktown.


Prior to settlement we contacted at least 8 real estate agents in the Western Sydney Area making enquiries regarding property management fees and services. We contacted Elders Real Estate Toongabbie and spoke with Julie Collins who was extremely informative and more than helpful. Even though the management fees were not the lowest, we chose Julie Collins to manage the property as we were immediately impressed by the professional service and communication skills provided by Julie and felt that she would find us a tenant in a timely manner.


We are writing this letter in appreciation of the high quality and standard of service provided by Julie. Whilst liaising with Julie we found her to be very pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable to deal with. Julie has always returned our calls in a prompt manner and has provided us with valuable service.


Julie has always displayed the utmost professionalism and has at all times made us feel very confident in her ability to perform her duties to a high standard and to hence achieve the desired outcome successfully and smoothly. We have found that nothing has ever been a problem for Julie, and without fail we have always been updated and informed of any developments regarding prospective tenants for our property.


We were extremely pleased in the way that Julie advertised our property. The write-up for the property was fantastic. We were also delighted when the property was leased to suitable tenants in less than two weeks.


We have 3 other investment properties in NSW all managed by property managers. The level of service provided by these agencies does not compare to the standard of service, efficiency and professionalism provided by Julie.


We hope to continue investing in the near future and due to Julie’s efficient and professional service, we will without a doubt continue our service with Elders Real Estate Toongabbie. We have found Julie to be sincere and genuine person who has increased our knowledge as landlords. As a result, we will also be recommending our friends and family to Elders Real estate Toongabbie.


Written by: Tony & Ivanka WILLIAMS
Elders Real estate Toongabbie
5 / 5 stars

Tony & Ivanka WILLIAMS

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